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If you love your car

We are an automotive service & restoration facility that specializes in the rehabilitation of old German, Italian, Swedish, English and French cars. We are passionate about vintage cars and people who love their cars!

As a full service restoration facility we handle all aspects of restoration in house. We can custom make anything from seat covers to metal panels and wood trim. Our attention to detail is unmatched and our passion for each project is heartfelt.

We believe that the preservation of classic cars is important because modern cars will not become classics. The classic car market is limited to vehicles that were built and designed during a time when even the average family sedan cost as much as the average yearly household income. As a result people bought a car and drove it for years, each car was designed and built to sustain a long term relationship with the owner. Aesthetics and quality were not ideas that designers and engineers had to fight for, they were the law of the land. Times have changed, modern cars are produced with an expiration date, consumers are encouraged to drive the newest models, and to become bored with or lose confidence in vehicles that are only a few years old.

We don’t just appreciate classic cars, we appreciate that which is designed by hand, we appreciate parts and materials that are intended to outlive their owners, we appreciate classic beauty and quality workmanship. We believe that consumers who are willing to acknowledge and pay for quality in workmanship and services not only get what they pay for, but they support an artisanal way of life. They support a system in which humanity, passion and quality workmanship are one and the same.