1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Alfa Romeo began production of the Alfetta Berlina, the ‘little Alfa sedan’, in 1972. The Berlina was created to address the needs of working class European’s. In crowded cities the Berlina was often employed as a taxi cab or police car. It was affordable, spacious, good looking and handled incredibly well due to its rear mounted transaxle.

As a race car the Altetta was never considered, partially because of it’s size and weight but also because Alfa Romeo produced so many cars bred specifically for racing. Performance, speed and weight are such integral factors in all of Alfa Romeo’s vehicles that even the Alfetta, their utility vehicle, ended up with a platform that has serious racing potential.

Uncovering and coaxing the potential race car out of this humble sedan has been a journey of creativity, patience and a belief in ‘the little engine that could’.