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MISTY - 1970 BMW 2002

This was a sad car when we found it. It was covered in dust, full of holes, all of the tires were flat and it did not run. A dear friend came to us looking for the perfect car and his search led us to this dilapidated 2002. He loved it, or the idea of what it could be. Originally it was Granada Red, but as he admired BMW’s bright color palette in the 70’s he chose to change to color to an original BMW Inka Orange.

All of the original finish was stripped inside and out, no trace of Granada Red was left behind. Because original body panels are still available from BMW, we opted to cut the entire nose of the car off, due to extensive rust, and install a new nose section. The inner & outer rocker panels and the front fenders received the same treatment. The front suspension and rear axle assembly were removed, sand blasted and repainted using epoxy black. Finally, the interior was restored with new carpeting, insulation, rubber gaskets & seals, and many rebuilt mechanical components.

After the restoration process was completed this little 2002 became an example of both a beautiful and a drivable classic car. Our mission was to create a vehicle that the owner would cherish and hand down to the next generation. We look forward to, and anticipate servicing this special vehicle through the next million miles.
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