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David Michele is co-owner of the shop and has been working on old cars since 1988 when he and his father rebuilt a Fiat X-19. His educational background is in automotive design, and his love of beautiful old cars and all things mechanical led to the creation of European Auto Restoration in 2003.

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Juliet Michele is co-owner of the shop. She supported the shop in its early years by working as a pastry chef. Her educational background is in graphic design, and now she manages the office, website, and marketing.

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Steve Robertson is our master metal craftsman and painter. He spends long hours sanding, refinishing and painting each vehicle. He was trained by his father, Vern and they co-owned and operated Robertson Auto Body in West Olive, Michigan for decades. He has been with us from the beginning and we are fortunate to have him as part of our team.

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Dean Lanham is a factory trained Porsche mechanic with many certifications and a wealth of knowledge.

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Uvaldo Avilez is a welder and undercarriage restoration specialist. He is skilled in many areas, and he provides a much needed bridge between the mechanical work and the chassis restoration.

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Cesar Castilleja is an excellent welder, metalworker and all around craftsperson. He is careful, meticulous and has very high standards.

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Gildardo Quiroz is our parts manager and end of the line restoration specialist. He can be found carefully restoring and installing many of the mechanical systems after a vehicle chassis has been painted. He has the patience needed to follow through on a long and complicated rebuild.

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Jesse Deneaux heads up the interior upholstery department. He is a skilled sewist from NYC and he takes the lead on many of the other aspects of building out our interior restorations.

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Ben Hebel works in our machine shop. He can be found disassembling and rebuilding engines and other mechanical components.

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Caden Hippie is part of our refinishing and prepping team. We like the saying that "a good painter is a good sander" because the amount of time and care needed to apply and then sand down layers of primer is considerable. Caden is a great refinisher and his work will lay the foundation for beautiful paint application.

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Rodrigo Salazar is an apprentice mechanic who is also a natural with a paint gun. He supports many projects at once by degreasing, stripping, sandblasting, priming, and reassembling parts.

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Silas Vanderpol is an apprentice welder and a lover of old Saabs. He provides support for many projects by cleaning, stripping, sandblasting and priming parts.

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Isabella & Stella Michele like to help clean up the shop and put everything away at the end of the work day. Hopefully they will continue to help out in the shop and learn about automotive history first hand.

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Gerardo Michele is a master wood craftsman and he handles all of our wood restoration projects. Gerardo apprenticed under his father in Italy until he moved to Connecticut, where he has worked as a cabinet maker for nearly 40 years. A true perfectionist, his work is as beautiful as it is rare.

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Sadie is our lovely older dog, she is a friendly girl but she has to bark out a hello to everyone!

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Lou is our younger shop dog. He likes to sniff out a greeting and he really likes to play, but don't worry he is a super friendly boy.

In Memory of…

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Vern Robertson brought us over 40 years of professional experience. He owned and operated Robertson Auto Body, on the north side of Holland, with his 2 sons for nearly 30 years. He was a gifted craftsman and we were fortunate to have him with us during our first few years in business. Vern worked on the Fiat 2100 and the Alfa Romeo Alfetta before he passed away in 2006.

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The Dude or Doodie was the best old shop dog we ever had. He passed away on a lovely afternoon in September 2018.