1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina

All of the vehicles that we work on are seasonal. They come out in the spring and are driven on only the nicest of days throughout the summer and fall. Winter is a time of hibernation for the cars we love. For many folks the transition from driving spirited older cars to soulless newer ones sparks a conversation about the possibility of driving an older car year round. Why cant we build a year round classic car for a northern climate? It goes a bit counter to the preservationist classic car culture but we find the idea to be exciting and entirely do-able.

What better candidate than an Alfa sedan from the 70's? This Alfa will be triple fortified with epoxy seam sealer and epoxy coatings under the 'Black Cherry' paint to protect it from salty roads. We will upgrade the weatherstripping, the electrical system, the lighting and the HVAC to make it more comfortable and reliable during the winter months.