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This MGB is named Halladay in memory of the original owner, a great jazz musician who recently passed away. In 2018 Halladay stopped in at at the shop for some minor work. The vehicle had recently been restored but unfortunately, not all restorations are created equal. While this little green car looked shiny and new, the structure was extremely compromised and deemed unsafe to continue driving. The floor panels were tacked in with roofing tar and rust was hiding everywhere just out of sight. The current owners were committed to making things right with this specific MGB and decided to go in for a full restoration.

Over the next four years Halladay was completely and lovingly restored here at European Auto Restoration. The layers of paint were stripped off, taking the chassis and panels down to bare metal. All of the rust damaged metal was either replaced with new metal panels or custom fabricated metal patches. The newly repaired or replaced metal was then primed and sealed to prevent any future corrosion. The chassis was refinished and painted its original ‘Mallard Green’. All of the exterior trim, bumpers, and lights were restored and reinstalled. The leaking engine and transmission were rebuilt and reassembled with new hardware. Every system under the hood and behind the dash was rebuilt and repaired. Everything was put back together fully functional and ready for many more decades of use. It was an extensive process but Halladay was finally reunited with her owners in July 2022.
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