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1970 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

What do you do with an old, rare Mercedes that has been hit twice in the rear and has not run since 1982? Naturally you turn it into the ultimate 'bankers hotrod'.

This once executive class automobile will be reborn as a street version of the famous AMG 6.8 "Red Pig". The project began with removing and cataloguing the interior, driveline, trim and all the other components. The damaged quarter panel, rear body, lid, and trunk floor were repaired. The chassis was stripped, rest areas were repaired, everything was refinished and custom wheel well flares were fabricated to finish off the unique look. The body was painted blood red and reproduction decals were custom made. The massive M100 motor was mounted to the test stand and resurrected. The Red Pig was reassembled with a handsome new black MB interior and beautifully restored wood work from our own Gerardo Michele.
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