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BENITO - 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto

Like many Alfas with racing heritage this Duetto was often ridden hard and put up wet. At some point in the 1980’s the car received a thorough restoration. The original vivid green was mostly painted over, except the trunk and engine bay, and it was reborn as a red car. New floors, rockers and quarter panels were brazed in, which led to the structural demise of that restoration just over a decade later. The car had a history of good mechanicals and bad bones.

This restoration began in June 2013 and the little Duetto, now named Hazie, drove home in October 2016. When the car came to us its overall alignment was deeply compromised by previous accidents and severe rust damage. With no true north to work from countless hours were spent squaring, aligning, measuring and fitting every single piece and part. She was returned to her original color 'Verde Vivo' which is quite rare and objectively stunning. In the end she was restored to a much higher level of quality than when she first left the factory.

When reflecting on this project it is often said with pride and a bit of disbelief, “That car came a long way!”
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