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SONJA - 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

This SL is a rare german market car with a manual transmission mated to a larger 2.8 liter engine. It came from Southern California with a red exterior and a white interior. While researching the vehicles history it was discovered that the car was born Papyrus white with a navy interior. The decision was made to return everything back to original.

In September 2015 the complete restoration began. The car was mounted to a Celette frame rack to straighten out the frame which had suffered accidents in the front and rear. In order to completely re-skin the vehicle all new sheet metal was aquired direct from the Mercedes Classic Center. Sonja was returned to her original color scheme, fitted with original glass headlamps, European dash gauges, and a special ordered ‘Vellum’ colored canvas top. After much time was spent searching out and fabricating missing pieces the restoration was completed in July 2019. This SL truly is a fine example of what a 113 roadster looked, felt, and drove like back in 1970.
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