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1989 Porsche 930 Slant Nose Turbo

This is not Michael Jordans Porsche but it could have been!

This particular Porsche was sitting on the showroom floor at a dealer in Chicago with a HOLD sign on the windshield. The current owner asked after the car, and was told that the car was being held for Michael Jordan. MJ hadn’t seen it yet because he was playing in the NBA finals in Detroit. Despite the sign, the current owner was able to purchase this car, and another identical white Slantnose was found for Jordan. He can be seen driving his white Porsche in the Chicago Bulls movie The Last Dance, which features the Bulls World Championship victory in Detroit.

Porsche discontinued manufacturing this model and only 75 Slantnose Turbo Cabriolets were imported to the US. These were the last air-cooled Porsche turbo convertibles ever made, and this was the only year with the new 5-speed transmission. The restoration of this original owner 930 slant nose began in the summer of 2021. It was stripped down to bare metal so that all of the rust damage could be completely repaired and the new metal properly protected. It was then refinished and repainted with its original Glasurit Grand Prix White 908 paint. The interior was reinstalled with all new materials. The radio and wheels were returned to their original specifications, everything was brought back to original. The engine was completely rebuilt and all of the mechanicals were rebuilt and reinstalled. The restoration was completed in the spring of 2024. This Porsche now looks and drives like it just left the factory in Germany, back when it was being held for one of the greatest basketball players of all time!
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