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1977 Volkswagon Bus

In the spring of 2009 a Fennville High School senior totaled his car and was given a $3,000 check from his insurance company. The senior told his father that he wanted to find a VW Bus to replace his totaled car. They saw an auction on e-bay for a light blue bus in Flagstaff Arizona and made a bid. The rust free Arizona bus, currently known as Mary Anne, was trailered back to Michigan. For the rest of the school year and summer Mary Anne was equipped to fit her new owners lifestyle. She only had her front seats, so an old recliner was enlisted to serve as the rear seating. With the huge sunroof and slider door open, Mary Anne became a gathering space and breakfast nook for the high school seniors before school. After high school the old bus was used for transportation during her young owners first semester at GVSU. As winter approached Mary Anne was garaged and used in the summers, hauling kayaks to surrounding lakes and rivers. After a few great summers she was garaged permanently.

Mary Anne’s restoration began in the spring of 2023. She was stripped to bare metal and epoxy primed. After some minor metal reconstruction she will be refinished and returned to her original exterior color scheme. Her interior will be restored to original as well, no recliners this time around. After the restoration is complete Mary Anne will given back to her old friend as a graduation present. It will be quite a reunion!
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