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1952 Mercedes-Benz Adenauer

If only cars could talk! This Adenauer was found in a gritty industrial park warehouse full of questionable items and characters. Before that it lived with an old lady in Buffalo, NY and was used as a parade car. Before that it was somewhere in Poland. There is so much we don't know about where this noble old car has been. It has traveled far and lived many lives. If cars could talk this one would certainly have an interesting story to tell.

The Chancellor first received a complete mechanical rebuild. Interestingly, in order to re-build the engine the body must be removed. So, the elegant body was separated from the massive x-frame to reveal an amazing piece of engineering, design, and history. For late 40s technology the car is really quite sophisticated. It features a self leveling rear axle, double wish bone suspension, and an overhead cam engine. The Adenauer was clearly engineered and built by some of the best and brightest engineers of the time. The body was stripped, the metal carefully repaired and all of the surfaces were refinished. After the body is painted the two halves will be reunited and this old gentleman will be back on the road.
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