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THE FAIR LADY - 1972 Datsun 240Z

A few years ago we completed an exterior rolling restoration on this awesome 1972 Datsun 240Z. We were then asked to address all of the finer points. The original engine received a horsepower increase with a performance camshaft and pistons, a genuine Nissan Motorsport header and a hand made free flow exhaust. The suspension got a set of caster camber plates, adjustable coil overs on all four corners, a heavy sway bar up front and Tokico adjustable shocks. The wheels were upgraded from the "SupaNova" 14's to larger Panasports. While the engine was out of the way we refinished and painted the engine bay to match the body color. Among many other items the Fair Lady was fitted with a new old stock windshield to replace the scratched original, Datsun emblems on the front lower fenders, and new set of front and rear bumpers.

We hope that the Lady Z behaves herself on the public roads now that we have set her free. Godspeed Fair Lady!
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