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MY DADS - 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL

A classic the day it was built, the 230 SL was a direct descendent of of the famous and very collectable gull wing 300 SL. The pagoda 230 SL was hand built, their collectability and desirability are well established. All pagoda's are worth saving, but some require more than others. This particular SL was certainly not abused, but the years of neglect and improper care had taken their toll. It's 54,000 original miles may well have been 254,000. Though this pagoda SL has belonged to, and been cared for by the same family since it rolled off the lot in 1967 it looked as though it had been driven around the world.

This restoration began, as they all do, with disassembly and paint removal. Paint hides many sins, and in this case when the paint was stripped away and the body torn down to bare metal we decided to mount the vehicle on the rotisserie due to extensive rust damage on the underside. Mounted to the rotisserie, the vehicle moved through the intensive stages of restoration as the months passed and the seasons changed. From hand fabricated metal patching, to welding, then sandblasting every nook and cranny, and applying a smooth gray layer of primer, the vehicle was finally sprayed with it's gorgeous light emerald paint DB 268.

The engine restoration required as much attention as the body of the car, as it is an original motor with matching numbers. The engine was dismantled, cleaned, painted and lovingly rebuilt to factory specifications using only Mercedes Benz parts. The suspension and drive train were then sandblasted, painted and ready to support the body as it was removed from the rotisserie. After installing the engine, the wood trim was sanded, refinished and installed along with a brand new carpet set and headliner. The deep stains on the original seats and door panels were scrubbed clean, even the center of the steering wheel was re-upholstered. Newly polished trim was re-attached to the exterior, new door and window seals were fitted, the hard top was restored, and finally the paint was buffed and hand polished.

Putting the first 500 miles on the new engine was our distinct pleasure. This Pagoda SL is not only a head turner, but a joy to drive.
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